"Feeling Sore After a day of Gardening?"

Imagine what you could do in a day without pain? Our Pain Relief Rub® gives new life to your achy joints and muscles so you can get back to doing what you love ... FAST!

Unlike those expensive, brand name products at your corner drugstore, it does exactly what it says on the label!

You see, most pain creams use lots of “hot” ingredients. Others promise to “freeze” the discomfort with a cooling sensation. But as you’ve probably discovered, the only thing those products do is hide the pain.

Pain Relief Rub® has a unique, balanced formula that penetrates the skin’s defensive layers. It goes to work directly to the source of your pain – FAST!

Not Too Hot ... Not Too Cold ... It's Just Right!

Some rubs use "hot" ingredients, others promise to "freeze" the pain with a cooling sensation. Pain Relief Rub was made just right so you can put on as much as you need!

For years, people from all over the country have trusted that Pain Relief Rub® will ease their pain without harmful side effects.

Natural compounds like eucalyptus oil, soybean oil, and fruit extracts soften and penetrate your skin, allowing the pain-numbing active ingredient to reach your discomfort at its very source!

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"Just a note to let you know the relief I am getting from the Pain Relief Rub® for my arthritis and also a rotator cuff tear. A light coat of the pleasant smelling menthol rub gently massaged in gives an immediate cooling effect. Then the aches and pains just fade away. An evening application helps to bring about a good night's sleep. Thank you Mr. Wood for such a helpful product and also your excellent shipping service." — Hugh Byars, Greer SC

"Love your product. I would not be without it. I keep one in my travel bag & have given some away to others who have ordered their own. My husband asked me to rub his back with it and I told him he could rub mine too. When I finished rubbing his, mine didn't hurt anymore. I guess it absorbed through my hands to stop my pain! Amazing! I'll soon be ordering more. Thank you for a no-side effect instant relief." – Jan Draughon, Margate FL