Stop the Pain … NOW!

Stop the Pain … NOW!


Pain relief isn’t just a matter of comfort … “suffering in silence” can ruin your life.

What’s the #1 reason seniors land in nursing homes? It’s not falls, and it’s not dementia.

Amazingly, it’s something as simple as not moving your body enough! Limited motion leads to atrophy, the loss of strength and muscle that keeps folks from doing things for themselves.

So if you’re not moving your body to its full extent due to pain ... or worse, if you’ve stopped doing things like chores and hobbies and exercise ... you’re at high risk for debilitating atrophy.

Try Pain Relief Rub today, so you can get moving again, and keep moving freely every day!


“My left shoulder and elbows were badly sprained in some bad falls. My knees were giving me great pain. I'm 93 years of age. I’m now able to walk my dog. It makes me and my pooch very happy.”   — Charles C., Clarkston, WA


“I can’t keep Pain Relief Rub all for myself! I want everyone I know who is in pain to know about it, so I give away whole jars! I thank God for this product.”   —Viola B., Pittsburgh, PA

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