Take Their Word For It ...

"Just a note to let you know the relief I am getting from Pain Relief Rub for my arthritis and a rotator cuff tear. A light coat of the pleasant smelling menthol rub gently massaged in gives an immediate cooling effect. Then the aches and pains just fade away.  An evening application helps to bring about a good night's sleep.  Thank you Mr. Wood for such a helpful product and also your excellent shipping service."     

— Hugh B., Greer, SC


"Praise God- for the relief that Frank K. Wood's Pain Relief Rub® affords.  I have used it now for several years.  It always helps me to feel comfortable.  I love that there is no smell.  I must have tried 7 or 8 products, NONE compare.  It helps my knees and also my feet  and toes. I introduced it to my sister. She puts in on her elbows and hands. She is very satisfied. Thank you for a great product."   

— Editha Seidel


"I sit at a desk all day, working at a computer, and I have constant neck pain which develops into headaches. I just put some Pain Relief Rub on the back of my neck, rub it in, and the neck pain is gone. It’s AMAZING! Just a tiny dab did the trick, too!"

— Shea M., Gainesville, TX


"My arms and shoulders had hurt for 4-5 years, and the pain was very hard to bear, especially at night. I tried everything from aspirin to rubs, but nothing helped. I used Pain Relief Rub, and shortly after, the pain eased. I received my first full night of sleep in years. I will not be without it ever again."

— Maxine S., Glen Aline, NC


"I have a big garden, and using the rub enables me to run the tiller and hoe. I have a beautiful garden, thanks to the rub."

—Larree H., Appleton City, MO


"I hit my finger with a hammer, and a couple of hours later my finger was swollen. I applied Pain Relief Rub all over the skin around my fingernail, and in a matter of minutes, I realized the throbbing in my finger had noticeably decreased. I was impressed, to say the least!"

             —Katie B., Little Elm, TX


"My left shoulder and elbows were badly sprained in some bad falls. My knees were giving me great pain. I’m 93 years old. I’m now able to walk my dog. Its makes me and my pooch very happy."

            —Charles C., Clarkston, WA


"Pain Relief Rub worked the very first night I used it. It was wonderful to be able to sleep without all the pain. I have already introduced other people to your rub, and they are happy with the results, too. I take it every place I go. Thank you for a wonderful product that WORKS!"

            —Bonnie N., Windom, MN