About The Product

Pain Relief Rub

FROM 1994 to NOW

Frank K. Wood’s Pain Relief Rub® is a lightweight cream with a fresh, subtle minty fragrance. The active ingredient absorbs quickly to target pain. The non-greasy cream contains skin-soothing emollients, Vitamin E, and Arnica Montana Flower Extract. This multi-action formula helps reduce discomfort while leaving your skin velvety soft and smooth. Pain Relief Rub® is safe to use every day. Keep it in your gym bag and at the office, too. It's the only natural pain relief you'll need to keep the whole family on the go.

Joint pain … muscle aches … sports injuries … these are but a few of the many kinds of pain you might suffer. And they keep you sidelined while the rest of the world plays without you. Pain is what keeps you from doing the things you love ... like gardening, playing golf, or riding a bicycle. Even little things like opening a jar, lifting a baby, or baking a cake can become difficult to do when pain gets in the way.

Would you like to get back to the active life you’ve abandoned? Play with the kids (or grandkids) without pain? Dance? Grow a gorgeous garden? Recover quicker from strenuous workouts? Well, now you can. With Frank K. Wood’s Pain Relief Rub®, you can do something about your pain. This amazing natural pain relief product doesn’t just mask the pain, it eliminates it at the source. It penetrates deep under the skin's layers and into your aching joints, sore muscles to soothe the soreness in minutes.


The Science Behind the Relief

Most creams sit on top of the skin leaving a greasy residue because their molecules are too large to be absorbed. Pain Relief Rub has an active ingredient that binds with the molecules in the cream’s base. These molecules are smaller, enabling the cream to be quickly absorbed into the skin. Our secret blend of natural plant extracts and compounds, combined with select emollients and vitamins, penetrate deep under the skin's surface to give you relief where you need it most. Our Pain Relief Rub is gentle and soothing while quickly melting the pain away. There’s no mess, no greasy feeling, no freezing or burning sensations, and the slight fragrance vanishes within minutes, so you won't smell like a medicine cabinet. Natural pain relief, one gentle massage away.